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Dr. Laurie A. Romig
The "Double Trouble" Team

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Laurie A. Romig MD, FACEP

Dr. Laurie Romig is a board certified Emergency Physician who has been an EMS addict for nearly all her life and an EMS Physician for twenty years in various capacities. Her current fulltime appointment is as Medical Director for the Pinellas County, Florida, EMS system, one of the largest in the country. Laurie also has continuing involvement in airmedical transport, serving as Executive Medical Director for the LifeNet Airmedical Transport service in Florida and as a long-time member of the Board of Trustees of the Air Medical Physicians Association. Dr. Romig has been a leader among the EMS constituents in Florida for 18 years and was the first physician to be named Chair of the Florida EMS Advisory Council. She has been recognized for her passion for EMS with a State of Florida Governor's Proclamation for her "extraordinary sense of purpose and commitment" and with the 2005 Raymond H. Alexander Award as Florida's EMS Medical Director of the Year. Laurie is well known on regional and national lecture circuits as well, where she has a great reputation not only for her lectures on aeromedicine and conventional EMS but also for her sessions on special event EMS. She likes to point out that she is the ORIGINAL of the Double Trouble Team and her twin sister, Lou, is the copy!

Click here for a list of Dr. Laurie Romig's lectures, which may be made available on this website in the future. You may contact Dr. Laurie by any of the methods below:

Laurie A. Romig MD, FACEP
Office of the Medical Director
Pinellas County EMS
12490 Ulmerton Road
Largo, FL 33774
(727) 582-2202 (office)
(727) 582-2076 (fax)
(727) 214-4382 (cell)

Identical twins Lou and Laurie Romig were bouncing things off of each other long before they became doctors and were never known to be stage-shy as they grew up. It's only natural that they now take advantage of opportunities to share the knowledge they've gained from their related specialties in forums that allow them to make the most of their unique personal and professional relationship. Semi-jokingly calling themselves the "Double Trouble Team", Drs. Laurie and Lou thoroughly enjoy presenting sessions together. Anyone who's ever traded jibes with a brother or sister will recognize their delivery style as the product of a relationship of deep mutual respect and confidence that never takes itself too seriously! 

The Double Trouble Team is best known for their tandem session called "The Patient Puzzle". This interactive educational technique was first invented by Lou and further refined by Laurie and has become a popular offering for basic and advanced life support EMS providers and ED-based audiences. The Patient Puzzle utilizes data drawn from a session's audience to contemporaneously create one or more patient profiles that serve as the basis for a discussion on physiology, population strengths and vulnerabilities, differential diagnoses, treatment alternatives and the critical thinking skills needed to put all the data together to make a risk-based patient assessment and treatment plan.  The emphasis can be on medical illnesses, trauma or special topics such as poisonings and adverse medication effects.  The unique aspects of special populations such as children, the elderly, and the pregnant patient can also be addressed. One of the most popular combinations for the Patient Puzzle is trauma in children and the elderly, where Lou and Laurie (respectively) apply the same data to a child and an elderly patient, thereby using both of their subspecialty experiences to compare and contrast the physiologies, strengths and weaknesses of patients at the extremes of the age range.
In an age where some curricula are being "dumbed down", the Drs. Romig use this session to encourage and give permission to emergency care providers of all levels of training and experience to actually think about basic physiology and pathophysiology and apply their training to assess, analyse, treat and reassess a patient. In the same way that thinking about multiplication as a form of addition can make the math operation seem easier and less intimidating, the Patient Puzzle breaks down seemingly complicated medical processes into the basic building blocks that anyone with any medical training can work with within their scope of practice.

If you're interested in the Patient Puzzle or another potential "Double Trouble" session and would like more information, feel free to email Dr. Lou or Dr. Laurie or leave a message in our Guestbook. 

Presentations by Dr. Laurie Romig

Slumping, Slurring and Slipping Away: Stroke Assessment

Sorry. This presentation is under revision and not currently available for download. (Jan 14, 2009)

Oh What a Relief It Is!

This presentation focuses on pain management principles and therapeutic options for EMS protocols.  There's no longer any excuse for ignoring pain as a treatable complaint in the prehospital setting!

      Additional handout materials coming soon

Shades of Black and White

Xrays can be pretty mysterious if you don't know what you're looking at or for. This lecture will familiarize emergency care personnel who don't usually look at xrays with an organized approach to the ordering and interpretation of radiological studies for some of the most commonly seen medical and trauma emergencies. What exactly does a pneumothorax look like? How about a subdural hematoma? You've seen the outside - now discover what may be going on inside your patients.

Shades of Black and White handout (Word doc)

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