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A message from Dr. Romig:

Over the years of promoting JumpSTART as a viable alternative for the triage of pediatric patients in the disaster setting I've consistently stated I would support tools that have evidence to support their effectiveness in doing that job and have always been open about the fact that JumpSTART is a tool without clinical validation.

It's time to deliver on my promises. With the growing body of evidence favoring the approach of ThinkSharp's Sacco Triage Method (STM), I've decided to throw my support behind efforts to put the STM into common practice in order to validate it in a prospective fashion in both daily and disaster triage settings. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Sacco, Bob Waddell and their colleagues as the STM has evolved and am confident that the process and the tool have integrated the needs of pediatric victims like no other tool available today. The STM mathematical model incorporates outcome data from thousands of pediatric trauma patients, making it the only MCI triage tool for children that's based on data and amenable to clinical validation by objective means. This utility is, of course, not limited to the pediatric population, but I'm especially pleased that the needs of children have been considered as a part of the STM from the beginning.

I will continue to support those who choose to use JumpSTART as their pediatric MCI triage tool of choice and to teach it under the assumption that paying any attention to the needs of children is far better than paying them no attention at all. JumpSTART has not been clinically validated but it is the product of more than 20 years of experience in pediatric emergency medicine, EMS and disaster response. I ask all those who currently use JumpSTART to please carefully consider the current and future evidence, whether it be for or against JumpSTART or the STM. Take a look at the science behind the STM. Keep an open mind and please always keep the right goal in sight. We must do everything we can to assure we take the very best care of our children at all times, even if that means defying years of tradition and dogma.

I must state uncategorically that I have received no financial consideration from ThinkSharp for my support of the STM. I do, however, have two incentives. First is the chance to contribute to the science of disaster medicine, rather than simply perpetuating dogma. Second, ThinkSharp has agreed to permit me to distribute electronic files that will allow anyone to put together and use an STM pocket card or other materials depicting the Sacco Triage Method tool. Keep in mind that the STM is a proprietary tool, not previously offered for free distribution, but provided only as part of a package that includes training and the optional purchase of software to direct resource management, triage and transport decisions in the field. It is ThinkSharp's willingness to acknowledge and respect my philosophy that we must put the best tools in the greatest numbers of hands that convinced me it's time to publicly stand in their corner.

You may download, print and distribute the files provided below at no charge. The Sacco-Romig Pocket Card pdf files can be used to make pocket cards, posters and other educational/memory aids that can be used in the triage of patients of all ages. Please note that provision of these materials does not constitute training in the use of the Sacco Triage Method. Anyone interested in implementing the STM should seek additional training from ThinkSharp.

The copyright for all files below other than my letter of support is held by ThinkSharp Inc.. Please direct requests for other permission to use and/or reproduce the materials to ThinkSharp via Bob Waddell . You can contact Bob at 307-920-2020 or for additional information. I will also be pleased to answer any questions. Click here to email me or call me at 786-256-1472.



Dr. Romig's letter in support of the Sacco Triage Method (click here)

Front of Sacco-Romig STM pocket card (pdf file: click here)

Back of Sacco-Romig STM pocket card (pdf file: click here)

STM Fact Sheet (pdf file: click here)

Link to ThinkSharp STM website (click here)

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