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The JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage Tool
Principles of Multicasualty Triage

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The JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage Tool is the world's first objective tool developed specifically for the triage of children in the multicasualty/disaster setting. JumpSTART was developed in 1995 to parallel the structure of the START system, the adult MCI triage tool most commonly used in the United States and adopted in many countries around the world.
JumpSTART's objectives are:
1) to optimize the primary triage of injured children in the MCI setting
2) to enhance the effectiveness of resource allocation for all MCI victims 
3) to reduce the emotional burden on triage personnel who may have to make rapid life-or-death decisions about injured children in chaotic circumstances

JumpSTART provides an objective framework that helps to assure that injured children are triaged by responders using their heads instead of their hearts, thus reducing overtriage that might siphon resources from other patients who need them more and result in physical and emotional trauma to children from unnecessary painful procedures and separation from loved ones. Undertriage is addressed by recognizing the key differences between adult and pediatric physiology and using appropriate pediatric physiologic parameters at decision points.

JumpSTART has rapidly gained acceptance by EMS agencies and hospitals throughout the US and Canada and is being taught in numerous countries internationally. The tool has been recognized for use by groups such as the US National Disaster Medical System's federal medical response teams and EMS providers in the National Park Service. JumpSTART is referenced in numerous EMS and disaster texts and has been incorporated into courses such as Pediatric Disaster Life Support (PDLS) and Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS).  

Please note that JumpSTART was designed for use in disaster/multicasualty settings, not for daily EMS or hospital triage. The triage philosophies in the two settings are different and require different guidelines (see the Principles of MCI Triage lecture). JumpSTART is also intended for the triage of children with acute injuries and may not be appropriate for the primary triage of children with medical illnesses in a disaster setting. Note also that no MCI triage tool, including START and JumpSTART, has been clinically or scientifically validated using data from MCI victims.

All of the files below may be downloaded at no charge. Please see the About Dr. Romig page for guidelines for use of these files. You may email any questions or comments to Dr. Romig by clicking here.

JumpSTART and START Algorithms (English) 

High resolution JumpSTART Algorithms (pdf format)  
JumpSTART algorithm
Combined START/JumpSTART algorithm

JumpSTART algorithms:
Gif format
   Jpg format
   Gif format(National Park Service version)

START algorithm:
Gif format

Combined START/JumpSTART algorithm:
Gif format

Simplified START/JumpSTART algorithms suitable for pocket card (courtesy of Julie Downey):
Doc format

JumpSTART / START and Principles of MCI Triage Powerpoint Lectures (English)

Please note that these are Dr. Romig's basic lectures. Conference attendees may find that slight modifications have been made to these files to customize lectures for specific audiences. 

Basic JumpSTART lecture with scenario-- Reviews JumpSTART and includes a sample triage scenario

The START and JumpSTART Triage Tools-- Reviews both START and JumpSTART

Principles of MCI Triage--Basic introduction to MCI triage philosophy and operations. Triage tools are mentioned but not reviewed

Beyond Red, Yellow, Green and Black: MCI Triage -- Incorporates principles of MCI triage, START and JumpSTART

Pediatric Multicasualty Incident Triage -- Updated lecture that incorporates information on other tools, including the Sacco Triage Method. Combines principles of MCI triage and an explanation of JumpSTART. 

Additional JumpSTART Training Materials

Question bank for triage lectures   Word doc file

Educational objectives for triage lectures   
Word doc file

Exercise scenario, includes instructions for both primary and secondary triage practice and discussion   
Word doc file 

JumpSTART Translations

Many thanks go to the JumpSTART family members who contributed these translated materials! New translations in any language and format are welcome. Please email materials directly to Dr. Romig.


   From Dr. Pablo Smester, Dominican Republic
JumpSTART algorithm (doc format)
               JumpSTART algorithm (
ppt format)
               JumpSTART lecture (
ppt format)
   From Fernando Vina EMT, Spain
               JumpSTART Guia Rapida - Fast Guide (good for pocket card) (
pdf format)


   From Patricia Manasseh, Quebec, Canada
JumpSTART algorithm (doc format)
               JumpSTART algorithm (
jpg format)
               Combined START/JumpSTART algorithm (
jpg format)
               JumpSTART basic lecture with scenario (
ppt format)


   From Michele Albera, Italy
JumpSTART lecture (
pdf format)
               START and MCI Management (
pdf format)


   From Mike Wallace, Japan
                JumpSTART algorithm (
jpg format

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