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Dr. Lou Romig is a board-certified subspecialist in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, currently working at West Kendall Baptist Hospital in Miami, FL. Dr. Romig previously worked for over 22 years at Miami Children's Hospital, where she was also the hospital's EMS Liaison. As a self-proclaimed "EMS groupie" of the Johnny and Roy "Emergency" era, Dr. Romig has worked with EMS agencies, first responders, EMTs and paramedics for 22 years to help assure that these front line emergency responders not only know how to take excellent care of kids and their families but also how to feel comfortable and confident while doing so.  "Dr. Lou", as she's widely known, has served as the Pediatric Medical Advisor to the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Department for 19 years and worked within Florida's EMS advisory and regulatory structure for 22 years. She is currently the Physician Consultant to the Florida EMS for Children (EMSC) program and the Dept of Health's EMSC Advisory Committee. She is also the Medical Director for NAEMT's Emergency Pediatric Care course and serves as that organization's Medical Director of Pediatrics.  Dr. Romig has served on numerous working groups and committees at the national level, working with and/or representing organizations such as ACEP, AAP, and NAEMT.

Dr. Romig's work within EMS has been recognized by the Florida EMS Bureau with awards in 2000 and 2001, including the state's first EMS for Children Award. In 2004, Dr. Romig received the Federal EMSC Program's National Heroes Award for EMS Provider Leadership and was named the South Florida Business Journal's Physician of the Year. In 2005, the Greater Miami Chapter of the American Red Cross selected Dr. Romig as the recipient of the Cardinal Healthcare Award among the Sara Hopkins Woodruff Spectrum Awards for Women. 

As a result of her involvement with EMS and having experienced Hurricane Andrew and its aftermath, Dr. Romig developed a special interest in pediatric disaster medicine. She is  considered one of the United States' medical experts in pediatric disaster planning and response, with experience gained not only through serving her own community after multiple hurricanes, but also as a federalized responder within the National Disaster Medical System. Dr. Romig is a charter member and the Team Medical Director/Senior Medical Officer of the South Florida Regional Disaster Medical Assistance Team (FL5 DMAT), a federal response team based in the Department of Health and Human Services and considered one of the most proficient and experienced DMATs in the US.  She lectures widely about pediatric and family disaster planning and preparedness; those lectures are available for download from this website.

Dr. Romig's greatest claim to fame is her invention of the JumpSTART Pediatric MCI Triage Tool, for which this website is named. Developed in 1995 and continuously refined, JumpSTART (JS) was developed to meet the need for a disaster-style primary triage tool suited to the wide range of normal physiology in children of different ages.  Until the development of JS, there was no objective pediatric MCI triage tool available for EMS or hospital use. JumpSTART in widespread use by EMS agencies and hospitals throughout North America and is taught around the world. All of Dr. Romig's JumpSTART materials are available for free download from this website. 

Dr. Romig started Team Life Support as a vehicle to distribute information about JumpSTART and to share her experience and ideas about caring for children and families in their times of greatest vulnerability.  The name of the company, Team Life Support, is meant to evoke the image of emergency responders and other medical care providers working together seamlessly as a team, regardless of differences in practice setting, training level or experience.  The company's motto "Promoting better outcomes for children, families and responders" is a reflection of Dr. Romig's dedication to serving not only our young patients and their families, but also our greater EMS family. 

With the idea that we can't afford to be proprietary when it comes to meeting the needs of our children, Dr. Romig has determined that anyone interested in her materials may download them from this website at no charge. You may then use these materials for your own agencies and colleagues as long as they are used solely for educational and protocol/policy purposes and no substantive changes are made. No additional permission is required to duplicate the materials in electronic or hard copy, but Dr. Romig will be happy to assist with any formal documentation required by other organizations for proof of compliance with copyright regulations. Graphics may be used to make posters, pocket cards, or other aids. Please acknowledge Dr. Romig's copyright in writing in all projects involving her material. Material from this website may not be used for profit and may be used for general publication only with her express written permission.   

Please note that all materials describing the Sacco Triage Method (STM) are property of ThinkSharp Inc.. Privileges to use and distribute STM materials are delineated on the STM page of this website.

Dr. Romig lectures frequently at conferences large and small. Please contact her directly at the email address below or via our Guestbook if you are interested in engaging her services as a speaker or consultant.

You can reach Dr. Romig directly by writing to or by calling 786-256-1472 (in Florida). Please note that Dr. Romig may be delayed in responding if she is traveling or on deployment with her DMAT. Your patience is appreciated. Your comments or questions about her materials or this website are welcome and may be entered on our Guestbook page or in a direct email. 

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